Uncertainty still prevails

January 07, 2024

To read more, please click hereHigh forex pressure was felt in Vietnam in 2022 due to interest rate hikes by major central banks in the world, and the year 2023 saw much easing owing to ample forex supply. The amount of incoming remittance in HCMC often accounted for half of the total remitted to the country in previous years. The World Bank estimates remittances from abroad to Vietnam may amount to US$14-15 billion this year. Incoming remittances can be seen as a typical example of ample foreign supply in Vietnam in 2023, besides other sources from trade and inbound investment. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Trade put Vietnam’s 2023 foreign trade at US$683 billion, comprising US$354.5 billion of export earnings and US$328.5 billion of import expenditures.

The source of this news is from The Saigon Times