Under-4 kids carried in car need carrier or safety devices: proposal to Vietnam’s traffic bill

March 18, 2024

Children under the age of four riding in an automobile need to be in a carrier or other appropriate safety equipment, according to one of the proposals for Vietnam’s draft Law on Road Traffic Order and Safety. The bill was raised for discussion by National Assembly (NA) delegates at a recent meeting of the 31st session of the NA Standing Committee in Hanoi. But many delegates proposed raising the age limit to 12 and the height limit to 150 cm, citing relevant scientific research and international experience. They also recommended that children under six years old carried on the back of bicycles or motorbikes be secured by safety equipment or seats specifically for kids. The draft law also stipulates that people carried on motorized bicycles and electric bicycles must wear standard helmets in accordance with current regulations.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News

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