Unlocking waterway tourism in Mekong Delta

January 07, 2024

To read more, please click hereWhile the Mekong Delta region holds significant potential for the development of waterway tourism, addressing critical challenges related to infrastructure, environmental sustainability, product diversification, and marketing is crucial to ensure its long-term and sustainable growth. In a recent seminar held aboard the Victoria Mekong cruise ship in Can Tho City, more than 40 participants, including business representatives, experts, and officials from tourism management agencies, gathered to explore the untapped waterway tourism potential in the Mekong Delta. Connectivity matters “Even though waterway tourism activities in the Mekong Delta have their own unique charm, tourists still find it hard to discover onshore activities of comparable quality,” a businessperson said after the seminar. The Mekong Delta has long been recognized for its abundant tourism resources, and industry players have effectively harnessed these advantages, yielding positive results. For instance, a cruise operator that has been transporting passengers from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to the Mekong Delta for 21 years has expanded its fleet from one to five ships.

The source of this news is from The Saigon Times