Victims of ‘banh mi’ food poisoning in Hoi An rise to 141

September 15, 2023

Fifty additional victims have been identified in the Banh Mi Phuong food poisoning incident which began earlier this week in Hoi An, a tourist city in central Vietnam’s Quang Nam Province, bringing the total number to 141, including 34 foreigners, local health authorities reported on Thursday. Among the 141 sufferers, 105 were taken to hospitals in Quang Nam and 36 were brought to neighboring Da Nang City, approximately 40 kilometers from Hoi An. Banh Mi Phuong sold a total of 3,620 banh mi sandwiches on Monday and Tuesday before its operations were suspended, the center reported, adding that all 10 of the bakery’s ingredients were sourced from different providers. The center also said it is looking into food provision contracts between Banh Mi Phuong and three of its suppliers, and stressed that many of whom had no contract with the bakery. According to Voice of Vietnam, Banh Mi Phuong failed to comply with food safety and hygiene regulations specified by the Sub-Department of Food Safety and Hygiene under the provincial Department of Health.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News