Việt Nam looks to market access and customs clearance for trade cooperation

August 17, 2023

Deputy PM Quang said that the Vietnamese government attaches great importance to the development of economic, trade, industrial, and investment cooperation with China. China has been Việt Nam's largest trading partner for the past 20 years and the sixth largest foreign investor in Việt Nam while Việt Nam is China's fourth largest trading partner and its largest trading partner within ASEAN. Economic, trade, investment, and tourism cooperation between Yunnan and Việt Nam had a promising future, particularly in expanding imports of high-quality agricultural and aquatic products from Việt Nam, as well as collaborating on wood processing. This would enhance Yunnan's contribution to economic and trade cooperation between Việt Nam and China, as well as between China and other countries in the region. Quang noted that Việt Nam was assessed as a positive business environment with growth prospects in 2023.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News

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