Việt Nam, Russia discuss stronger agriculture cooperation

April 02, 2024

MOSCOW – Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Đặng Minh Khôi and Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sergey Levin on Tuesday discussed measures aimed at further promoting agricultural cooperation between the two countries. Levin, for his part, highly appreciated Việt Nam's decision to remove field thistle from the plant quarantine list, which facilitates increased exports of wheat and corn from Russia to Việt Nam. He further reiterated Russia's steadfast commitment to providing favourable conditions for Vietnamese enterprises operating in the country. The two sides agreed to continue coordinating and expanding the list of enterprises eligible for exporting agro-forestry-fisheries products to each other's markets. They affirmed their intent to deliberate on concrete measures to bolster agricultural cooperation during the forthcoming 25th session of the Việt Nam-Russia Inter-Governmental Committee scheduled later this year.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News