Việt Nam, the Netherlands work together for sustainable food systems

March 19, 2024

Government officials and business representatives from both countries gathered at an event in Hà Nội on Tuesday to deliberate on collaborative efforts towards developing sustainable food systems amidst the prevailing challenges in the agricultural sector. Notably, discussions centered around addressing the adverse effects of climate change and the declining interest among the youth, despite the increasing demand for innovation. “These challenges necessitate an approach wherein we move towards a more sustainable food production system. Collaboration, knowledge exchange and supporting policies were also the central focus of the panel discussion, which brought together representatives from the public and private sectors from both Việt Nam and the Netherlands. The event also launched the Empower Youth4Food Campaign in Việt Nam, which aims to address climate change risks and ageing populations of farmers by changing the youth’s view on farming and involving them in shaping sustainable food systems.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News