Việt Nam trade office in Netherlands warns of online trading fraud

January 19, 2024

HÀ NỘI – The Vietnam Trade Office in the Netherlands has warned of online fraud cases, particularly related to petroleum products, amidst the high demand for this category of goods. Fraudsters often create fake websites with fabricated information or counterfeit websites impersonating legitimate import-export companies or companies providing petroleum storage tank services whose contact information being usually a mobile phone number or an internet phone number. According to the trade office, many companies are easy to become victims of the scams because of their fear of missing out on business opportunities and without information verification about partners due to they believe that the Netherlands is a developed country with a strict legal system and reputable companies. The payment method commonly used in petroleum trading transactions is through a letter of credit (L/C), it noted. The trade office has provided information related to online fraud and a list of counterfeit websites compiled by the port authority of Rotterdam (continuously updated), which can be accessed at

The source of this news is from Vietnam News