Việt Nam Week in Russia promotes cooperation in multiple fields

April 19, 2023

MOSCOW — The Việt Nam Week in Russia, spotlighting Việt Nam as a gateway to Asia, is underway in Moscow to beef up the nations’ friendship and cooperation. At the opening ceremony, Russian Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Konstantin Mogilevsky said in his online speech that it was the first time such a week-long programme on cooperation with Việt Nam had been organised. The alliance was expected to become a key factor in the nations’ educational cooperation, providing the Vietnamese industry with highly qualified human resources, he said. The Russian official noted that the sides involved were considering the organisation of the 2nd Việt Nam-Russia university rectors’ forum in Moscow this autumn and a Russian week in Việt Nam. He believed it would bring Việt Nam closer to Russian friends and open up more opportunities for joint research projects in the time to come.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News