Vietnam emerges as prime destination for foreign investment

September 04, 2023

Vietnam’s population of 100 million is conducive to sustained growth for domestic enterprises and inspires confidence in foreign investors when considering the country as a long-term business destination, according to market insiders. In addition to the United States, Vietnam has gained momentum as an emerging market for many other countries. Therefore, foreign retailers continue to inject investment capital into Vietnam, with some investors stating that this is the opportune moment to introduce a fresh business model. Throughout the year to date, MM Mega Market, another Thai retailer, has hosted monthly visits from foreign business delegations keen on exploring the Vietnamese market, not to mention the on-site promotional initiatives organized by foreign business associations. The foreign investors the CEO has had the opportunity to work with consistently express a high level of optimism regarding the future development prospects in Vietnam, he added.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News