Vietnam-Europe air shipments surge amid Red Sea disruptions: Xeneta

January 20, 2024

SEOUL -- An unseasonal surge in air cargo on a key clothing export route from Vietnam to Europe indicates shippers are turning to more expensive air freight as shipping is disrupted by attacks on vessels in the Red Sea, freight platform Xeneta said on Friday. "This is the first signal in Xeneta data that the Red Sea crisis is impacting air freight. The Red Sea, which leads to the Suez canal, lies on the key east-west trade route from Asia's manufacturing hubs to Europe and onto the east coast of the Americas. Freight companies have been securing more air cargo space and some customers have begun shipping goods wholly or partially by air to avoid delays. "In the next two weeks we should know for sure if this represents a genuine and significant shift from ocean to air freight due to the Red Sea crisis," he said.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News