Vietnam health authorities urge measures against avian influenza A(H9) virus following first human infection

April 06, 2024

The General Department of Preventive Medicine under the Vietnamese Ministry of Health on Saturday issued an urgent directive urging enhanced measures for preventing and controlling avian influenza transmission to humans following the first recorded case of human infection with influenza A(H9) virus in the country. Initial tests at the hospital revealed positivity for influenza A, with gene segments resembling those of influenza A virus subtype H9. “This marks Vietnam’s first case of influenza A(H9) in human,” stated the General Department of Preventive Medicine. Globally, avian influenza cases have risen since late 2023, posing risks to both poultry and mammals. With changing seasons and weather patterns facilitating pathogen development, the Ministry of Health warns of ongoing risks of avian influenza transmission to humans.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News

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