Vietnamese cartoon producer cries for help as YouTube removes 3,000 videos

August 02, 2023

Vietnamese animation studio Sconnect has sought help from local government agencies after YouTube deleted 3,000 videos featuring a cartoon character named Wolfoo, following a demand by a British firm. According to Sconnect, EO has no ground to report the videos as both EO and YouTube did not clarify which videos by Sconnect used Peppa Pig content and sound effects. “Scenes in Wolfoo videos were created by Sconnect staff, while sounds were directly recorded by Vietnamese dubbing mixers,” the Vietnamese studio said. EO claimed Wolfoo videos were created based on Peppa Pig and YouTube hid many videos featuring Wolfoo on its platform. YouTube later restored some Wolfoo videos and unlocked Sconnect’s 19 channels for uploading Wolfoo videos after Sconnect won the lawsuits.

The source of this news is from Tuoi Tre News