‘Virtuoso of Vietnamese erhu’ died at age 39

August 08, 2023

HẢI DƯƠNG — Celebrated folk musician Trần Văn Xâm, who is dubbed as ‘virtuoso of nhị', Vietnamese two-stringed bowed musical instrument, has died from leukaemia at the age of 39. It comes from a special player who seemed to forget everything around him to devote only to the instrument. For me, he is a true virtuoso of Vietnamese two-chord fiddle," Long said. In 2012, he overcame more than 2,000 competitors to win the second prize in an international competition for erhu held in Shanghai, China. Xâm’s funeral was held on Monday at his house in Hàm Hy Hamlet in Cộng Lạc Commune, Tứ Kỳ District, Hải Dương.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News