Billiards Hollywood Asia Super Cup starts in Hội An

February 17, 2023

BilliardsHỘI AN — Vietnamese and South Korean teams have begun competing at the Hollywood Asia Super Cup on February 17 in Hội An, Quảng Nam Province. Each country is represented by three male and two female three-cushion players, as well as a male and two female nine-ball players. Famous Vietnamese billiards players competing in the three-cushion event include Trần Quyết Chiến, Nguyễn Đức Anh Chiến, Nguyễn Trần Thanh Tự, and Nguyễn Hoàng Yến Nhi. Meanwhile, Nguyễn Bích Trâm, Bùi Xuân Vàng, and Nguyễn Anh Tuấn are representing the country in the nine-ball division. Kwon Ho-jun is competing in the men’s nine-ball category, while Seo-ah and Lee Woo-jin are playing on the women's side.

The source of this news is from Vietnam News